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Quilt Round Up #3: February 2020 - New Etsy Shop Edition

Graduation 2020 Order Details

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Custom t-shirt quilt made from Pi Kappa Phi shirts.

COVID-19 UPDATE: I am still open for graduation orders and regular orders and we are healthy and quarantined at home.

For your safety and mine I am only accepting clothing items that are shipped rather than meeting you in person to pick up items. As always I will ask you to wash any washable items before shipping them to me and will keep items quarantined in a clean and safe location for a few days before opening them. 

I unfortunately cannot guarantee any delivery dates at this time as I am unable to get to the store where I usually rent time on a long arm quilting machine. I can get started on the cutting, design, and piecing of your special gift, however, and as soon as I am able to do so will get your items quilted and sent back to you. I will keep all customers updated as to the status of your quilt and will also be happy to provide photos and certificates for you to give to the recipient if the quilt is not yet finished by the date you want to gift it.

I am also happy to put together a gift certificate option for you and can reserve times later in the year to receive your items, please just send me an email and I will send you details on gift certificates. Gift certificates will be invoiced via paypal.

Thank you for continuing to support small businesses like mine during this difficult time. Please stay safe!


With spring 2020 graduations postponed due to COVID-19, let me help you make an extra special graduation gift that celebrates and commemorates all of your student's memories and experiences in a t-shirt quilt or memory quilt!

Orders placed by Thursday April 2, 2020 are guaranteed to be finished by May 1, 2020 so that you can give them at graduation. I only have limited slots, however, so don't wait to book your spot!  Given lack of access to a long arm quilting machine I cannot guarantee delivery dates at this time. I can however get started on your project and can send pictures and other items for you to provide as graduation presents if the quilt is not completed in time.

Have a student who isn't quite ready to part with their shirts while they finish grade school or college? Not a problem! You can book a slot for me to make a quilt after graduation that will be ready by the end of the summer for your student to take with them as they start the next stage of their life.

To start a conversation about a t-shirt quilt please fill out my inquiry form so that I can build you a custom quote. Filling out the form does not obligate you to purchase a quilt but it does help me create a quote that is customized to your needs and tastes.

Have an idea for a traditional quilt or a quilt made from other types of items? Please send me an email and tell me what items you have or what type of pattern you have in mind and what size of quilt you are looking for and I'll also build you a custom quote with no obligation to purchase.

I'm also still taking orders for quilts that are not intended to be graduation gifts. Let me know what you would like to order I'll add you in to the queue!

Details on base pricing can be found here. I look forward to working with you to create a custom heirloom for your graduate!!