Quilt Round Up #3: February 2020 - New Etsy Shop Edition
The 100 Day Project 2020 – 100 Days of Drawing Quilting Motifs

Free Instagram Live


UPDATE: If you missed this you can still see it! I've uploaded it to IGTV on my Instagram and to my Facebook page. I'll also be doing more Instagram Live sessions in the future so stay tuned!


Hello friends! The news and events of the past few days have been overwhelming. Rest assured that we are still healthy here and are voluntarily quarantining to try and give our health care professionals a fighting chance.

That said I'm already missing human interaction and I also know that quilting keeps me sane, so tomorrow (March 20) I'll be hosting a FREE Instagram Live at 1 pm eastern. My username on Instagram is @tangibleculture

The purpose of this Livestream is to answer your quilting questions so that you feel ready to start quilting or so that you can get an answer to something that is stumping you. That way you'll be all ready to sew on National Quilting Day on Saturday!

I would love it if you would leave me some comments here so that I can prepare to answer some of your questions in advance but I do plan to respond to questions posted in the Livestream as well. Please also share with your friends who might be interested!

I'm also going to be offering digital one-on-one consulting sessions soon to help you out with your specific projects and as a way to generate income for my business while my usual income streams are disrupted. I'll be sharing more detailed information soon so please stay tuned!