Custom Orders, Guild Talks, and COVID-19 Update - MAY 17, 2020

Checking In - February 13, 2022

A tortoiseshell cat named Bailey is curled up for a nap on a folded quilt with purple tie dye backing. The edges of the quilt are not yet bound.

Mic check! Testing 1...2...3...

It's been quite a while since I last updated this blog and I've been pretty quiet on social media too. The last couple of years have been a doozy for everyone and we all reacted in our own ways. For me that was a need to step back and take each day one at a time and reduce the number of things that needed my attention. Like regular blog posts. I'm hoping to get back into writing for the blog this year, however.

Here's a brief recap of what has been going on at Tangible Culture since the first lock-down of the pandemic in March 2020:

  • We moved. Twice. Priorities shifted and we moved closer to family to be better able to help and support each other. After a year of renting we got extremely lucky to find a new home in our price range and moved in towards the end of last summer. I'm still slowly getting things put away and trying to find things. Next big project on the list is overhauling the closet in my new sewing space!
  • A little over a year ago, we lost my quality control cat, Bailey (pictured above), to sudden and aggressive cancer. It was absolutely heartbreaking to lose my best friend and there was a period where I couldn't sew at all since she always kept me company/got in the way. We have two new rescue kitties now who I'll introduce later and they are doing their best to step into the giant paw prints that Bailey left behind.
  • I started giving digital quilt lectures and have been having lots of fun virtually visiting with guilds and groups around the world. You can learn more about my lectures here if you are interested in booking one!
  • I got a full time job again, working in the quilt industry for The Electric Quilt Company (EQ)! We make Electric Quilt 8, software for playing with quilt designs and seeing what everything looks like before you start cutting. Then you can print out fabric yardage and cutting instructions. It's a dream job!
  • I made lots of memory quilts. I'll post a round up of those soon.
  • At the end of last year, I made the decision to close the memory quilt side of my business for now. Working full time and then also lecturing and making quilts is a lot. My turnaround time on custom quilts became slower than I liked. It wasn't an easy choice but it is the right one to give me time to work on other projects again. Like blogging and my own quilt designs!

I hope everyone out there is doing well and staying safe! What quilty things have you been doing these past couple of years?